Aries man dating aquarius woman attractive dating profile examples men

Original, intelligent, inventive and thoughtful are the keywords for you.

Except your complexion, there is something special in you that attracts attention of others- may be your big or beautiful eyes. Anyone will feel lucky to have a woman like you as you have a sacrificing attitude towards the people to whom you love. You are friendly and social but many times, you feel inconvenient or short of words to express your emotions in romance.

Their competitive and adventurous natures go hand in hand, which is why they will like being together. However, as both of them have a dominating nature, there is a possibility that they may encroach upon each others personal space which will result in bitterness between them.Both are also ruled by different planets; in case of Aries it is the fiery red planet Mars which imbues the sign with a love of action and motion.Interestingly enough, Aquarius is ruled by two planets – Uranus and Saturn – which often lend them a curious duality so that this sign can be affable and distant or freedom-loving and obstinate by turns.Not for them the cloying emotional intimacy demanded by a Cancer partner or the jealous possessiveness of a Scorpio spouse.Aries man and Aquarius woman have spontaneous attraction towards each other.

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Your month of birth reveals secrets about your personality.

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