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I was only 12 at the time so it wasn't really a proper relationship it was more the label of it I liked.'I didn't think that anyone was going to interfere with that position.

As time went on the topic of sex and us having sex came up more and more between him and his friends and I started to feel a bit nervous around him.'Even before I'd got to speak to a counsellor and was just waiting I started to feel better.

'I knew my mum wasn't at home and it was getting dark. Looking back it feels like I went into a numb trance and thought if I get this over and done with as soon as possible then I'll be OK.''I'd hear people at school talking about things they'd seen in porn movies that Andy had made me do, and even though I knew they weren't talking about me, I felt like they were making judgements about me.

'I started self-harming because I thought it might make me feel better but it didn't.

When I eventually told my counsellor about the abuse and Andy it was such a relief to be believed after Andy had repeatedly told me I wouldn't be. 'People were still watching porn at school, and because of what I'd been through I'd get really upset.

I didn't want to tell people what I'd been through but I didn't want to have to see porn everywhere all the time,' Rhea says.'But I found that I could be watching TV or films and when a sex scene came on I was getting flashbacks to porn and the abuse I'd been through. I now don't watch films with sexual content in them because of the triggers I get.'I think that watching porn from a young age affects your sexuality and how you view your partners and what love is.

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