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A lucrative pursuit, if you choose the right names.

When choosing a domain name for SEO purposes, there are three main factors to consider: Should you use hyphenated, multi-term domain like search-engine-marketing-services.com? Imagine how many free links you might be losing by choosing such a name. Also, Google (currently) values a keyword within the domain name for ranking purposes.This is one of the most famous model existing, ."The Nonaka and Takeuchi KM model focuses on knowledge spirals that explains the transformation of tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge and then back again as the basis for individual, group, and organizational innovation and learning." (K.Dalkir)Much knowledge, perhaps 80%, lies in people's brains. It has been a hot topic for a while now, yet many domineers aren't overly active in the SEO space. Domaining is when you register a domain, or buy a domain on the seondary market, with the intention of deriving traffic, and turning that traffic into revenue. Domains can be valuable internet real estate, because, unlike a search engine, there is no middleman between you and the visitor. people type a keyword into the address bar and add on the end.

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