How do you handle intimadating drivers

Many people in Kansas City turned out to testify in its support, detailing their own experiences with harassment. Without video evidence of the incident, it can be tough to make a harassment claim, and even with that kind of documentation, proving intent is another significant hurdle.This is just part of the culture of the American street. Tap them once.” Earlier this year, In California, where cities including Los Angeles and Berkeley have passed anti-harassment ordinances tailored to protect bicyclists in particular, advocates have argued that they are necessary because too often, overburdened prosecutors don’t do anything about reports of threatening and dangerous behavior unless serious injury results. Streetsblog, “It is merely a recognition that that criminal enforcement of harassment and battery laws that currently outlaw certain behavior is essentially non-existent given that LAPD and the City and District Attorneys are government agencies of limited resources (time and money), and Los Angeles is a city home to almost 3.8 million people.” In practice, another attorney writes [PDF], the effectiveness of the L. Still, the passage of this type of legislation reveals a shift in attitude toward non-automotive road users in general.The Kansas City ordinance [PDF] was carefully designed to avoid potential challenges based on the right to free speech under the First Amendment.It prohibits certain actions aimed at “intimidating or injuring” people on bikes, on foot, and in wheelchairs.

They howled with laughter, the driver gunned the engine, and they left me in a cloud of dust and gravel. But the alternative kept flashing through my mind: The bike flipping over and my body being thrown into the roadway, where another driver would have almost certainly hit me.Lits said it is a few “rogue” metered taxi operators who are intimidating drivers and that Uber is engaging with city officials and the South African Police Service.Lits said Uber has turned to private security for help.“We have engaged with private security company to ensure that additional security is deployed to these hotspot locations,” Lits told Fin24.“As I’m getting into the (Uber) car, I just opened the door, this guy comes out of nowhere and he just slams the door closed,” Khumalo told Fin24. Uber deploying security guards Meanwhile, the head of Uber for Sub-Saharan Africa, Alon Lits, told Fin24 the situation is “unacceptable” and that his company is aware of the reports of intimidation outside Gautrain stations.“Obviously it’s something that we take very seriously.

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