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With guidance from a new doctor, I stopped all immunizations except for polio, knowing that the diseases my son would face were unlikely to kill or irreparably harm him and that if he contracted any of them, I would be able to care for him to ensure his recovery.I was simply unwilling to risk losing or injuring my son to these imperfect shots.There appears to be a war being waged across the U.S., aimed at our youngest and most vulnerable and also our health care and child-care workers, regarding mandatory vaccination.The vaccine debate is further complicated because the decision to abstain from vaccination has strong negative externalities.

For the medical profession to say there is no scientific support for the vaccine/autism causation theory, they are either uninformed about the current state of science or they are being disingenuous for a reason. The average pediatrician will make around 0 from the insurance companies per child, per year, that is fully vaccinated under two years old. But it certainly makes me suspicious when we rely on a doctor for reliable information and they might be getting paid off by insurance companies and Big Pharma to push their poison.

I still relive the nightmare of battling to control the seizures of a 3-year-old with chickenpox encephalitis.

Just 20 years ago, I watched helplessly as a 2-month-old boy coughed incessantly till he gasped, stopped breathing and died of whooping cough.

To the Editor: Re ''Public Health Risk Seen as Parents Reject Vaccines'' (front page, March 21): Parental objections to vaccines highlight the fundamental ethical dilemma inherent in all public health initiatives: the often conflicting values of seeking better societal health and preserving individual liberties.

Virtually any action taken in the name of public health -- such as mandating vaccinations -- cuts into the individual's right to make such a decision for him or herself.

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I’m angry and disappointed at reading about mothers’ vaccine refusal (LNP Sept. I’ve practiced pediatrics for the past 54 years, still examining safely immunized students of Carter & Mac Rae Elementary School in inner city Lancaster.

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