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Moreno is preparing a bill “to do something about it” when the Legislature convenes April 10.Currently, domestic abuse battery applies only to “household members,” that is spouses, family members or co-habitants.

On April 23, 2014, Judge Barbara Nellermoe, of the 45th Judicial District Court of Bexar County, found that Texas's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. After the Obergefell ruling, nearly all counties started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Residents also warned it would become a ‘paedophile’s paradise’ when the airport opened, as predators took advantage of a ‘perfect storm’ of extreme poverty, a cultural acceptance of sex abuse and ‘lax policing’.

Five months after the publication of the Lucy Faithfull Report, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office sent Northumbria Police to investigate ’current police practices’ on St Helena, which also manages officers on Ascension.

A child protection charity – which was dispatched to St Helena Island and Ascension Island last summer by the British government – uncovered a vile ‘cultural acceptance of the sexualisation of children’.

Residents told the Mail the island was ‘worse than Pitcairn Island’ – another remote British territory where, ten years ago, six men on an island of just 47 people were convicted of dozens of sexual offenses.

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Helena Moreno succeeds in her latest attempt to update the state’s domestic violence law, she may very well have to thank a wife-beater for overcoming the gun lobby’s lock on the Louisiana Legislature.

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