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Because nicotine and its use as a cigarette, snuff, dip, etc.

are legal, it is sometimes forgotten how addictive these products can be.

"Our position is, if Jesus lived, he probably smoked weed," Sister Kate said.

And when talking flippantly about religion made Plaza feel uncomfortable, the Sisters turned her Catholic guilt into more fuel for their faith. Their model doesn't work anymore." Plaza came around to their way of things by the end of the chat.

Childhood smoking has health consequences both at the time and in older age.

People who start to smoke at a younger age face additional risks of lung damage, bowel cancer, and cervical pre-cancerous lesions.

Jessica said: 'We've been drinking vodka and smoking joints.'Parks and Rec' star Aubrey Plaza recently had a holy smoking sesh with the Sisters of the Valley (a.k.a.'the weed nuns'), who chatted with her about God, religion and Plaza's new, convent-themed comedy 'The Little Hours' (which opens on June 30). Plaza uncovered the origins of the herbal order, which started as a dig at congress.If a person asks for your support, there are many things you may be able to do.It is important to the person trying to quit to know whether you smoke, are an ex-smoker, or have never smoked.

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The information also applies to other tobacco products, such as chew or snuff.

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