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We added a bit more flexibility to the way chat request forms can be set up and used.Prior to this update, chat request forms could not have Name, Email and Question disabled or removed; only customized to have a different label.Today, new channels have emerged and as consumers become more tech savvy, businesses are now finding themselves engaging with their customers through a wide range of digital platforms, such as web forms, email, self-service, forums and social media networks.

When administrators aren’t available online, end users can also open Sys Aid Chat to leave a message.

Companies that use live chat support do so to create a better customer experience, which is achieved through real time conversations online.

However, this is only achieved if there’s someone on the other end to respond.

If a user clicks on a button where says "Offline mode" and the icon changes from Online to Offline mode i'm not expecting to be available/online anymore, am i right?

So if I got feedback from my previous action (button pressed icon changed state) why is the platform acting like im still online/available when all the backend settings seems to be configured correctly?

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The customer can request a chat as an anonymous user, or can log in to the self-service Web application first and then request a chat (for example, as a follow up to a service request).

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