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Looking for amazing examples of voiceovers and cutaways?See Marty Pepper's new blockbuster youtube video, Moki Marbles Matinee.The basic foundation of the technique is production of where the lambdas are the parental decay constants.This equation assumes secular equilibrium of U- and Th-series isotopes, though additional information can account for disequilibrium effects in young (He concentration of a sample is a function of both production (as above) and diffusive loss, and can be represented and modeled as a function of time and temperature (e.g., Wolf et al., 1998).Some of the most exciting advances in the field are being driven by laser-ablation multicollector ICP mass spectrometers, which allow for rapid determination of U-Th-Pb ages with micron-scale spatial resolution.These instruments are fundamentally changing the way geochronologic information is utilized in Earth Science research. Here we provide an overview of the procedures used in our lab, as of January 2007.More detail, especially on the U-Th-Sm part of the measurements, can be found here.

This alpha-ejection correction ranges from about 20-40% of the measured age for zircon or apatite crystals with typical sizes.•September 2013: I'm back at UA and in the thick of things again.Just to show you what I've been up to lately, here is a shot of some of my favorite secondary minerals from my favorite place in the world.C activity, researchers in disciplines from Anthropology to Zoology have exploited this discovery.Among these researchers are members of the University of Arizona, Department of Geosciences, who for years have studies the Faculty, staff, and students in the Environmental Isotope Laboratory employ naturally occurring stable and radioactive isotopes as well as major element compositions to hydrological and geological questions.

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alpha dating by some authors) stretches farther back than any other radioisotopic dating technique (Rutherford, 1905).

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