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"dude can I bum one from you, I hella need one after this.

I qucikly pulled my shirt over the buldge to hide it. as I leaned to get the drink my shirt moved and my erect member was visible throgh my pants.

then he unzipped his pants and whiped out his 7 inch cut memebr.

After moving to NYC to find himself, Mason found a career in the gay porn world, and while his one movie has made him thousands, his father isn"t happy.

Scorpio, a cop, is tired of rousting Kris and Feloni for disturbing the peace.

To shut them up, he uses his rock hard cock, making both thugs suck him off at the same time.

one afternoon after work I found that I had a letter from my high school. They were throwing a 2 year reunion, to see how people are doing and crap like that. I was wearing baggy cargo pants, and a long black T-shirt. In the corner I saw Josh standing there, sipping on a drink.

Mason"s getting sent to a military camp, but he has to get hazed in.... He works for the most powerful men in his city, is respected by the family, and doesnt usually mind the hours.

His macho life quickly complicates when he meets Tristan Kessler, a free-spirited, peace-loving yoga instructor. I ran my fingers through his thick mane of hair and embraced his neck. He sighed, as he bust his nut in my satisfied ass...

it was how, the smoke billowed out from his full lips.

I have been since freshman year" he laughed and stretched. He was one of those guys who sags his pants HELLA low. I get real stressed at theeese things" "fo sho, i feel ya" he lit up and slowly inhaled. "you wanna go under the bleachers and smoke a jay" "cool" i replied.

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