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The men are rotated every half an hour (the women stay seated), so you don’t have to spend too long putting up with somebody if you’re not hitting it off.

What’s more, each seat comes equipped with a tablet fully loaded with music, books, manga and more for patrons to use as conversation stimulators.

And then, much the same way "ha" begat "haha" begat "hahaha," the sentiment became extended -- to "ww" and then "www" (and also, if you're so inclined, to "wwwwwww").

Chinese (Mandarin): 哈哈 or 呵呵 Though laughter is written 笑声 and pronounced xiào shēng, Mandarin also relies on onomatopoeia for laughter: 哈哈, pronounced hā hā, and 呵呵, pronounced he he. Interestingly, the number 5, in Mandarin, is pronounced as "wu" -- meaning that Thai's "55555" would, in Chinese, be prounounced "wuwuwuwuwu." This is the sound equivalent, a Chinese-speaking redditor points out, of "boohoo" -- meaning that laughter in one language is crying in another.

By Michael Fitzpatrick, contributor FORTUNE -- What do you get if you cross emoting, goofy manga characters with free messaging and calls?

Japan’s only export app hit—called Line—which recently hit its 100 millionth download.“Faster than email, more creative than text and cheaper than calling, what’s not to love,” says one Spanish fan on the company promotional video. Line is a slickly designed product that has garnered awards, including a prestigious Nikkei Superior Products Service Award 2012.

In an amazing reddit thread this morning, redditors from non-English-speaking countries have been weighing in on a very good question: "what is internet culture like in your first language?

Quickly I realized I had no good reason to be calling this person at 10 p.m.

So far, Line has some 41.5 million subscribers, mostly under 30 years old, in Japan alone.

What really sets Line apart from other globalised formats such as Microsoft's (MSFT) Skype is that it has come out of the Galapagos-like conditions of the Japanese tech scene: its wares rarely find fans abroad.

It would be easy to assume that giants like Apple, Facebook and the carriers will control smartphone messaging.

But the reality is that the global messaging market remains fragmented with several independent players like Sequoia-backed Whats App and Korea’s Kakao TALK.

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