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While they are constantly inspiring us with their relationship, the pair also talked about how they inspire each other."For me, it's how humble Jamie is and her work ethic.

According to US Weekly, the duo dressed up as Back To The Future characters, with a source telling the magazine that, 'A good party is really important to them!

If you ask Greenberg, the moment they met was what defined their relationship as destined. We were both in relationships, or I was just out of a relationship and he was still in one, so it was very respectful, but I always wondered about him afterwards.” As far as mutual inspiring goes, Bryan couldn’t be happier: “For me, it’s how humble Jamie is and her work ethic.

How she just keeps her head down and doesn’t get caught up or too far ahead of herself with things.

After getting married in November, the two have been racking up some seriously precious moments together.

When they're not giving each other sweet glances on the red carpet, they're giving us relationship goals on Instagram — and it turns out they are just as adorable in real life.

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