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Many gamblers will say that they have “a strategy” or “a system”, and that this will lead them to win big in the near future, but most gambling is completely down to chance.

It is part of Atlantic City's desperate battle for survival Starting with the 1978 opening of Resorts, the nation's first casino outside Nevada, Atlantic City for years was the only place to play slots, cards, dice or roulette in the eastern half of the United States.Yet the Treasury – which is imposing cuts to public services as part of the Government's austerity drive – does not intend to close the betting duty loophole for almost two years.It is currently consulting on a new gambling duty centred on "point of consumption" – taxing where the bet was placed – rather than where it was taken ("point of supply"), with the intention of introducing the change in December 2014.Only 2% of young people aged between 12 and 15 develop gambling problems, but for those that do it can be very harmful.If you think about it, 2% is actually more than you think – for every fifty friends you have on Facebook, one of them might have a gambling problem.

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An investigation by has found that all of the top 10 operators in "remote gambling" now headquarter a part or all of their operations in Gibraltar, the Isle of Man or Guernsey – at a cost to the Treasury of £1bn in lost duty since 2009.

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