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To enhance the efficiency of Skype, a high-speed Internet connection is recommended.

While other countries focus on the behavior associated with Internet addiction, Chinese psychologists view dependence on the Internet as a unique addiction with separate criteria for diagnosis--akin to other addictions like those to alcohol or drugs.

I know there have been cases of police officers posing as kids and busting people online, but IIRC they usually don't get busted unless there is an attempt to set up a real life meeting.

These days, there is obviously a zero tolerance policy towards anything with the slightest hint of pedophilia, but does it extend to this?

Most of the existing social scientific research of the online world has been ethnographic.

Given the prevalence of ethnographic methodology in the study of social phenomenon in text based virtual environments, it is surprising that it's use in cyberspace has yet to be analysed in any great detail.

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In China, the evaluation is quantitative--all those who spend more than six hours per day on a computer for purposes not related to school or work are considered "addicted" to the Internet.

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