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Dear Anna: My ex (of five years) is starting to date. Dear Anna: When will this crushing heartache unleash me from its jaws? (Yeah, that's a shameless plug for my book.) Spring is a helluva drug, and so is time. You’ll make it—gloriously spectacularly—to the other side.Then grab 15 pairs of capris (if they’re on sale, it’s like killing two birds with one bone) and get to it. Are there ways to calm it down before everyone is screaming at each other?Well, Mom, I would hardly call it screaming, but fine, I suppose it MIGHT be possible to get mildly buzzed on kombucha.It’ s very much a fulfilment of the feelings in the short works.” That sense of fulfilment is richly felt on Cigarettes After Sex, which unspools like the most achingly romantic of movies: immersive, cohesive and transporting.

Elsewhere, Gonzalez mounts movies in miniature with the photographic references of ‘ Flash’ and Fitzcarraldoechoes of ‘ Opera House’ , a song so lovingly languid it could, conceivably, soundtrack a man hauling ships over mountains for love.

Dear Anna: My roommate complained that I am “too loud” during sex. We owe our roommates SOME consideration, if for nothing else than to keep the peace, but I have no idea if you’re actually “too loud” because I’m not standing outside your door because, rudely enough, I wasn’t invited.

Post-Christmas but before Valentine’s Day is a common time span for ending lackluster relationships. Do I go along with the way things are or say something? But if he says he wants to keep it casual and you’re not happy with that, then be prepared to move on.

De-escalating fights depends on the fighting style of those in question. When you find things heating up, agree to revisit the topic in 30 minutes or an hour.

(Or longer, if you need it.) When we are in that heightened emotional state, it’s nearly impossible for us to be rational and empathetic towards our partners.

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