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One section is devoted to saying “thank you.” She and Sheryl Trower, founder and president of the Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania in Lititz, share tips on how to properly express one’s gratitude. Wondering why your cousin twice removed did not send you a graduation gift after you sent them the announcement? Well, cool your jets, because that’s totally kosher.

Old sports: I recently went on a pretty great first date, but I worried that I unintentionally sent a bit of mixed signal at the end of the night.

Samette George, owner of Divine Crown Academy of Cosmetology in Harrisburg, moonlights as an etiquette guru. “If somebody is just sending a ‘John Smith is graduating’ [announcement], then you can send them a card to congratulate them.” Money or presents are optional.

She wrote a manual on manners and etiquette for her students.

That's why we were so intrigued by Amber Madison's new book, .

In the book, Madison lays out the results of a poll she conducted with more than 1,000 guys across the country about love and dating. A whopping 87 percent of dudes said they love getting a text from a girl after a date.

If merely expressing your gratitude doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to write a thank you note, you might like to read these words of advice from Leslie Harpold.By Cathryn Conroy It is the ultimate in good manners to express your gratitude in writing, so knowing how to write a thank you note is an essential life skill.Every gift deserves a thank you note--even gifts you don't like or won't use. If you live in the same home as the gift-giver, you don't have to write a formal note.As an adult, you should still make a point of writing a thank you note to express gratitude in a number of situations.These come in both personal and business contexts: It’s appropriate to send a thank you note: Obviously, the types of thank you notes you write in a personal context (to your grandma, for instance) will differ considerably from the types you write in a business context (to an interviewer whom you barely know).

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