Updating my address book hoax

unauthorized, third-party websites ripping off consumers , , or more to change their address online.Commercial websites acting as address-changing agents "purport to have some sort of relationship with the Postal Service, but they do not," Krenn told reporters. Enter "USPS change of address," "update address," "address change" or another similar keyword into a search engine.

Follow the instructions given in this article to resolve this issue.That in turn, can lead to infection which in turn will be spread to friends and colleagues.In short, this "tip" is part of the problem, not part of the cure.The author assumed that the worm would try to send itself to all addresses listed in the address book and an error would be generated because of the bogus address. The tip promises you'll never have to worry about opening email again.Email worms rarely send only to the Windows address book. Most of today's email worms harvest email addresses from all over the system, including from . The reality is, the tip doesn't work and believing that it will can lead to a very hazardous false sense of security.

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