Dating flight

On the upside, though, there are several great reasons to consider dating a flight attendant. If you like to travel, it doesn’t get any better than dating a flight attendant.

From free tickets to discounts on airport food, dating a flight attendant can seriously cut down on your vacation expenses.

Five minutes in, I already have so many questions, like: What rules of etiquette govern how you approach a potential beau in seat 22C?

Do you walk over to someone and say, "Hi, this is random, but would you mind switching seats with me?

They tend not to nag because they know they will be heading out over the next few days for another long flight.

Flight attendants tend to be good at what they do, and what many people fail to note are all the long hours they put in.

Sometimes, they don’t even get to go home at night.

Anyone, man or woman, who decides to be a flight attendant, has already decided that marriage is absolutely not for them. Strip clubs are expensive; an average lap dance costs anywhere from to 0 per song.

All flight attendants are but passing acquaintances. I don't care how pretty that female flight attendant is that you saw on that flight to Miami, Los Angeles, or where ever you were going, DON'T try to ask her out! And she could be about to spend that night even in Tokyo or Beijing; yes, even Rome or Paris. Strip clubs are expensive; an average lap dance costs anywhere from to 0 per song. Cameras are strictly prohibited at all American strip clubs and all American adult entertainment facilities, so you can not take pictures and/or videos of your lap dance even for personal viewing. Strip clubs are expensive; an average lap dance costs anywhere from to 0 per song.

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