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After traditional and well accepted direct-dating methods failed because the bones were mineralized from long emersion in warm salty water within this limestone cave system, they worked closely with colleagues to build a geochronological framework for Naia using a unique combination of techniques to constrain the age of the skeleton to the end of the ice age.

To build the case for a late Pleistocene age they collaborated with Yemane Asmerom and Victor Polyak from the University of New Mexico using global sea level rise data to determine when the cave system, which at the time Naia and the extinct animals entered was dry, filled with water.

After the hearing was concluded, I asked the young lady if she had been involved in the child protection system.

She said that she had, and that my work as a prosecutor had resulted in both her, and her younger brother being removed from their home, and their biological family.

Many archaeologists erroneously conflate the ideas of age and cultural development and refer to a particular span of time as if every group alive at that time was at the same stage of development.

“Individuals from 9,000 or more years ago have morphological attributes — physical form and structure — distinctive from later Native American peoples,” said Douglas Kennett, professor of environmental archaeology, Penn State.Like many child welfare attorneys in my community, I worked with hundreds of teenagers and young adults.In my case, many of the children I worked with were Native youth.In South Carolina and Georgia it is believed that the Mississippian people arrived after about 900AD, and that everyone thereafter was living in the Mississippian Period and presumably, practicing the same lifeways.That is, living in villages, building temple mounds, growing corn, and following hereditary leaders.

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