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But maybe the more surprising thing is that these athletes — both male and female — populate dating apps, like Tinder, and non-dating apps, like Instagram and Twitter, in search of scratching the sex itch while on the road.

‘During pre-ovulation, we feel more body confident, so we dress in tighter, bolder clothes,’ explains Miranda Gray, author of That major party/ big wedding/ hot date you’ve been counting down to?

Two days before your period, on the other hand, might not be your finest hour thanks to skin breakouts and major fatigue. Here are the best ones to download now, to help plan life around your period: CLUE Monitor your basal body temperature (BBT), cervical fluid and menstrual cycle to calculate the best days for a breast exam, smear test or when to expect mood swings.

MY MOONTIME This app allows you to pinpoint the optimum time in your cycle for productivity (and that meeting with your boss), lust (hello, date night! KINDARA The app that gives you greater control of your fertility by charting basal temperature ‘shift’ to help you better achieve or avoid pregnancy.

Interestingly, women who are not on the Pill have more sexual fantasies than those who do take the Pill, because oral contraceptives suppress the natural hormones that increase libido, according to the Kinsey Institute.

looked familiar, only to suddenly remember that I’d already slept with him. And then I had a crazy idea—why not just walk out into the actual world and see if a real-life human being wants to have sex with me? I’ll preface my war story by saying that I am very pro-dating app, for multiple reasons.

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  1. Many parents struggle with knowing what limits to set with how much time they should allow their child to spend with their boyfriend/girlfriend and what they can do if they think their child is in a relationship that’s too serious. Dating at this age meant eating lunch together at school, going to the community dances, and posting on Facebook that you’re “in a relationship.” He and his “girlfriend” would buy each other red carnations during the Valentine’s Day fundraiser at school. Still, by the time he was 15, his relationships were lasting longer and he seemed to be getting more serious. He started to buy “serious” gifts, like roses and heart–shaped lockets.