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Here’s a quick overview of how to check for new software versions using your smartphone, or using Black Berry Link on a PC or Mac.

So I call 'em up, "Yeah, I want to upgrade the software on my Blackberry."She goes, "Oh, it's easy. "'Now, Janet,if a Mac user calls, "'just ask himif he has a buddy "'who has a PC. No wires, no saving to a cloud, no transferring information between devices, it’s just there Black Berry Blend requires you to sign-in with the Black Berry ID associated with your Black Berry smartphone*. If you work for the Federal Government, finding someone's address in the Global Address List is cumbersome at best.For more information go to Berry Blend works with select Black Berry phones. · Dashboard and application navigation redesign· Ability to reply directly to BBM and SMS messages from within notification pop-ups · Visual enhancements to file transfers· Spell check support· Support for portrait mode for tablets· Performance improvements and bug fixes This app makes using my Blackberry tolerable again, but it can certainly use improvements. You can only search for and add one address at a time, exit search and go back in. One thing I can say is at least it's the same crappy app across all devices - looks and operates the same on my Mac and i Pad.You just hook it upto your computer." I said, "That's cool. "'Tell him to goto his friend's house, then hang up on him.'" I go, "I don't wantto bug a friend. " She goes, "Oh..can goto the public library." "Can I? I have a Mac." She goes,"Oh, you need a PC." I said, "I have a Mac."She goes, "You need a PC." I said, "Hold on a sec. Yeah, I still have a Mac." She goes, "You have a friendwho has a PC?

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The only upside to using the app is I don't have to connect a CAC reader to my i Pad or Mac to read email.

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