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How the hell are we supposed to learn about the social awkwardness? The first time I tried it I was 18 and had just moved to a strange new city. If you're not honest you'll eventually come across that crazy person that will end up doing something you'll both regret.

A smart woman might feel attracted to him physically but she'll be able to separate her brain from her loins and think, "Didn't I see this douche-noodle on Tool Academy? I've tried online dating before and have had disastrous results. Are you looking to find someone to marry and produce gobs and gobs of babies? There's nothing wrong with choosing the "just getting laid" option, but you HAVE to be honest with whom you bring to bed.

Both parents worked and there was not much communication other than about my performance at school.

I needed to obey the rules or got yelled/ beaten by my father.

It's the same story everywhere, over and over again. The house was unbelievably big, the jokes are refreshing and hilarious, Mike was incredibly handsome, and most of all, it painted a picture of a “happy family” that’s strange but fascinating.Like most of the children in my generation in China, I’m a single child. Something we've only heard or seen in the lives of other people but seldom our own. Often times after a painful loss (large transaction/long sales cycle), sellers will be asked to find out why they lost in hopes of getting smarter about things to do or avoid.

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