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By Steve Nye, e Bay Certified Consultant During a recent weekend getaway, I stopped by a small sporting goods store.As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a bunch of tables lined up in front of the store. " I thought, "Oh great—we´re going to end up buying a bunch of stuff that we don´t really need but feel obligated to buy because of rock-bottom prices." Well, I´m happy to say that my fear was soon turned to joy when I found a pair of water sandals I´ve been eyeing for quite some time. Why do retail stores have sidewalk sales, liquidation sales, or even going-out-of-business sales?For a small-business owner, liquidating is often a hard thing to do. Coming to grips with the fact that you need to liquidate is hard, while actually liquidating your inventory can reduce stress and alleviate unneeded pain and suffering. Most of us are worried that we are going to lose money if we liquidate, so we want to hold on to our inventory as long as we can.However, the longer we wait, the more money we lose.

Bid packages containing assorted company information and a copy of the agreement with the liquidator are distributed to parties of interest including other liquidators. In some cases, however, new approaches being offered deserve serious consideration.

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Joliet, Ill.-based Central Grocers is selling the inventory of its distribution center, including fresh produce, at discounts of up to 50% as the company winds down operations.

In an effort to not lose out on the excess inventory from the previous year, the store was liquidating their left-over inventory from last year by having a sidewalk sale. Seasons and holidays bring about changes in the market, and if you´re not careful, you can end up with an inventory of not-so-hot products.

How can you most effectively get rid of this inventory with minor losses?

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