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Charlie is trying to change his shot in the video and it’s making the director furious.I almost hate to admit it, but I really did like their mash-up.His palms are sweating and shaking, and he just can't get his shit together. Life can be thought of a labyrinth in many different ways, but it can also be thought of as your mind." Mrs. "Try not to get too lost in it.""Sorry," Shanna flashes the brightest smile she can muster, but runs the back of her neck awkwardly, her blush growing terribly. Charlie slams his hands down on the food court table. I'm too nervous.""You've got it ba-ad." Abraham teases, and Nellie throws her head back, laughing."Maybe you could, like, jump out of a plane with a sign that says 'go to Prom with me, Aylin'." Nellie suggests jokingly. "It'll be okay, Shan." The blond sighs, leaning into the embrace."I hope so.""Michael wins.""What? " Nellie quirks an eyebrow."Oh, I can't do that, Micha—" His eyes widen when he realizes he was just about to reveal. "Since when did you care what Michael thinks is a bad idea? She's about to give up and try another store, when she trips over a pile of fallen dresses on the floor and sees it. Nellie's on her couch, rereading another one of her favorite books, when there's a knock on the door. Aylin shuffles up the stairs to her bedroom, looking forward to being able to collapse under her covers and sleep. Her hair is curled, she's wearing more makeup, but the most significant thing about her is definitely the sea foam green knee-high dress she pulls off miraculously."Jesus." Blake's eyes look as if they're about to pop out of his skull.He wants to ask Aylin more than anything, but he just can't seem to get the courage to. Why would someone as creative and talented and funny and bad-ass and sexy as her want a geeky theater-nerd like him? He watches helplessly as she finishes up at her locker, shuts it with a rattle, and sashays off and around the corner. She can't help but block out her teacher's rambling once again, though, as she gets caught up daydreaming about how amazingly fantastic dating Blake would be. " Blake shrieks, dropping the stone with "YES" painted on it."Nellie Veitenheimer is mine! "So Michael wins.""Also, Shanna li—" Abraham's cut of by a swift kick to the shins from Aylin."—Likes songs! He thinks putting onion on pizza is a bad idea, he doesn't get an opinion.""A-ah, all the time! She folds down the corner of the page she's on and puts her book down, going to answer it. Her eyebrows draw together in confusion until he begins to sing, and she finally realizes what he's doing.i"Hey, Nellie…. She opens the door to her room, flicks on the lights, and just about has a heart attack. Before he even knows it, he's weaving his way through the crowd, right into the seat next to Shanna."Shan," He leans forward on his elbows. "She smiles bigger than ever before."I think I'd like that."The night's coming to a close, and everyone's sweaty, danced-out, and even some in pain, but none of them want it to end."Prom is in, like, two weeks.""I know." Blake kicks the pizza box off to the side, his eyes glued to his living room ceiling."Well, we kinda need dates.""Who were you thinking? We'll get Aylin and Abraham to judge."Michael copies his best friends smile, and takes his outstretched hand and shakes it. "Jeez, you really do have it bad.""Aw, our little Charlie's in love." Abraham shares a mockingly proud moment with Nellie, shaking their shoulders in excitement. It's gonna be real fine…" He takes a big gulp before singing the last part. " He holds the last note out for a while, and, quite frankly, since it's so high, it kind of hurts.

Okay, maybe just a wee bit of teeth-gnashing, since it seemed as thought the judges/mentors pretty much ignored the final video shoot of the season and the final set of last-chance performances in the process of choosing their winner. ”" data-reactid="17") in which no one particularly stood out, maybe because 10 of the 11 previously eliminated contestants, or perhaps just Lily, were drowning them out. ) Guest judge Chris Colfer declared all three finalists as winners, which resulted in a strange moment of “You get a mentoring session! And while Aylin needed her lyrics sheet in the studio, I thought she best embodied a real life high-school student getting her party on.

So tonight, instead of a bloated two- or three-hour endurance test to get us to an announcement that took all of 10 seconds, we got an action-packed hour that shone a spotlight on the respective strengths and weaknesses of the Season 2 Top 3: Aylin, Ali, and Blake.

What we didn’t get, alas, was relief from the “boys rule” doctrine that’s dominated music-centric reality competition series for half a decade now. And just wait until you see who they are dating..." Please post your theories/suggestions below! And just wait until you see who they are dating..." Please post your theories/suggestions below!

Charlie won the round and gets a one on one session with Naya.

She also tells them that this week’s video is a sex-ed mashup of . Charlie and Aylin are trying to figure out who and what they are to each other.

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Each episode of The Glee Project is given an overall theme and covers events that have taken place in about the time span of a week. Contestants are given a "homework assignment" that entails learning and practicing segments of a chosen song.

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