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I thought I had better check on him, [so I] went to the laundromat, where he was in a dryer showing off to some coed! Charlie Herf ’65, JD’68 Paradise Valley, Arizona I lived in Chadbourn Hall my freshman year. She was not really interested in being a UW student …Needless to say, between laundry, not attending class, and showing off, Dick H. [She and her boyfriend] tried to sell his Plymouth Roadrunner Car with an ad to call our landline phone in the dorm room.He notes that the dependence of whalers upon one another for successful hunting and therefore wages begets its own discipline, and that a whaling ship is less hierarchical than other vessels.Nevertheless, many captains make a great show of their rank.If you were a dick, you'd be a big, veiny monster one.You'd be constantly throbbing, and wouldn't let anything intimidate you.

After the newly amputated young man falls in with a menacing group of older reprobates, he’s forced to participate in the gang rape of a young store clerk whom he had previously considered a crush. Behind bars, he’s visited by his father, who has figured out a potential solution to finding sexual release without his manhood.

You'd be one confident schlong, getting out in public at any opportunity.

Within its first 15 minutes, we witness a psychotic woman attempt to chop off her husband’s penis in an act of revenge for his infidelity; when he fights back, she manages to do it to their teenage son (Seo Young-ju) instead, and swallows his bloody member seconds later.

The guilt-ridden father (Cho Jae-hyun) drags his ailing son to the hospital and makes the split second decision to have his own genitals removed for a genital transplant.

While these deliriously sick ingredients swiftly take place, nobody speaks a word.

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As Chirinos got older, he thought back to those stories, and his interest in cockfighting increased further when he read Gabriel García Márquez’s novella, Chirinos spent two years watching the fights, talking to owners, and learning the lingo before he ever took out his camera.

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