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This performance artist describes herself as a behavioral researcher, but she is by no means an objective and dispassionate observer. Sometimes a relationship develops, but the more frequent outcome is a slightly fearful situation with violence simmering under the surface.

It makes little difference in which part of the world her subjects are living – they are all lonely in some way, shape or form.

Racial segregation in romantic networks is a robust and ubiquitous social phenomenon—but one we understand remarkably poorly.

In this paper, I analyze a large network of interactions among users of a popular online dating site.

First, I find that users from all racial backgrounds are equally likely or more likely to cross a racial boundary when reciprocating than when initiating romantic contact.

Second, I find that certain subsets of users who receive—and reply to—a cross-race message initiate more new interracial exchanges in the short-term future than they would have otherwise.

On the hot August night, Campbell and Alicia stuffed a rag into Lettie's mouth, potato peels were placed on his eyes, his hands were bound, and he was hung by his feet in the closet.

She would rather spend only one night with them and the second night doing something else.I have absolutely no tolerance for people who torture and kill children and/or animals.I'm going to let this story be told the way it is told on Gone Too (A warning. It's heart-breaking)"On August 14, 1987, in a hot South Side Chicago apartment, police and paramedics found the tortured body of four-year-old Lattie Mc Gee.These findings illustrate an important mechanism whereby racial biases in assortative mating may be reduced temporarily by the actions of others.The racial segregation of romantic networks has been documented by social scientists for generations.

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