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Twenty years ago today my husband David and I officially became a family. Neither of us has a clue how it’s possible that 20 years have come and gone already, and I feel more grateful than ever that we have 20 years worth of pictures, stories, and memories recorded.I’m not sharing my personal feelings about David in this public format.But that time together is always a very welcomed break from the usual busy-ness of life.2.Our marriage is the single most important relationship — and we should treat it as such.

The host will then give you a brief explanation of how Speed Dating works. After 3-5 minutes the host will ask you to move on to the next person.

Our marriage is more important that the relationship that we have with our friends, co-workers, hobbies, work, phones, Netflix, our parents, and even our children. It’s about meeting somewhere in the middle between where we’re each coming from.6. I used to expect David to read my mind and thankfully I learned (a few years into our relationship, probably) that expecting him to just “get me” all the time is completely ridiculous. Sometimes I have to literally spell things out: This is how I feel and why I feel this way.

As our children understand this, they actually increase in their own security. Having a healthy balance between our “own things” and our “together stuff” is hugely valuable. Our families have lots in common in terms of core values, but there are plenty of differing opinions on… Child-rearing, discipline, the way we structure our time, our communication style… David tends to be much more straight-forward and I tend to go all over the place in how I express things. I’ve encouraged him to open up more and he’s rubbed off on me in a way that I’m better about getting to the point when I need to get there faster.7.

The "opened on" dating system leaves staff having to figure out when the product should be discarded (which may not be the best procedure).

Facilities usually create a policy to determine how the dating is done in the foodservice department and that is the way they train the staff.

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Speed Dating evenings are about having great fun and meeting lots of open minded people.

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