New ideas for updating the network architecture department

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Now, the IDEA Project has grown into a massive -million investment in Dal’s downtown campus, thanks to support from donors, industry and the Government of Canada (whose million contribution was announced Friday, September 30).

Set to begin construction this fall, IDEA will not only revitalize Sexton Campus but truly transform it, making it the heart of Halifax’s emerging innovation district.

The faculty has recently built an innovative Building Information Modelling (BIM) lab in the Study Centre in partnership with leading German technology company RIB.

The public program at HKU/SSC invites critics with challenging opinions, architects with provoking viewpoints, planners with innovative solutions and academics with new theories – all with the aim of understanding the current condition in Chinese cities, and exploring beyond today and tomorrow.

Every great advance, every big step forward, begins with an idea — or, in the case of Dalhousie’s downtown Halifax campus, an "IDEA." That acronym — which stands for “Innovation and Design in Engineering & Architecture” — is a familiar one to many in the Dal community.

For several years now, it’s been used to describe planned future development on Sexton Campus to support Dal’s Faculties of Engineering and Architecture & Planning.

Dalhousie President Richard Florizone calls it an “historic” initiative that will elevate design-oriented technical education and research at Dal to a global standard.

“The best university projects support our entire threefold mission — teaching, research and service — and this addresses all three so well,” says Dal President Richard Florizone.

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