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And, 7.4 percent reported that they have been threatened or injured with a weapon. The more these factors are present in your life, the more likely you are to commit an act of violence.What causes someone to punch, kick, stab or fire a gun at someone else or even him/herself? But people often commit violence because of one or more of the following: Often people who act violently have trouble controlling their feelings. Some think that making people fear them through violence or threats of violence will solve their problems or earn them respect. Some violence occurs as a response to prolonged hurt, trauma, bullying or victimization.Striving to reach new audiences and transform social norms, we train professionals such as doctors, nurses, judges, and athletic coaches on improving responses to violence and abuse.We also work with advocates, policy makers, and others to build sustainable community leadership and educate people everywhere about the importance of respect and healthy relationships.

If victims have health problems that limit their freedom and the abusers are also their caretakers, they may worry about who will provide the care or if they will be moved to a nursing home.While anger may be a warning sign of violence, it must be put in context.In fact, by assuming that anger or increased substance abuse will always lead to violence means that many non-violent people who are in need of help become unfairly characterized as violent.IN A TIME OF BROKEN BONES ~ A CALL TO DIALOGUE ON HATE VIOLENCE AND THE LIMITATIONS OF HATE CRIMES LEGISLATION, Katherine Whitlock, A Justice Visions Working Paper, American Friends Service Committee, Philadelphia, PA: 2001.Copyright © 2001 American Friends Service Committee. Breiding, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA: January 2013.

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