Who is orlando bloom dating 2016

In the publication, the 25-year-old opens up about the time he went to Robert Downey Jr.'s house and asked him for advice on how to tread Hollywood's treacherous waves.

Sadly, Iron Man did not make breakfast, though he did "orchestrate the making of the waffles." Related: Boyega Plays Pokémon Go On The Set Of Oh, you thought we were done hearing about *those* Orlando Bloom peen pics??

(And really, after seeing Orlando Bloom's abs we'll support any activity he wants to do shirtless.

Like many Angelenos, Katy Perryjust can't get on board with the tedious drive to Malibu. But it's really like, it's so far, nobody [who lives in town] is going to come see you."The pair appear to have struck a balance when it comes to visiting each other though, with Perry revealing that Bloom has visited her hometown before.

This could be her way of letting everyone know that she is indeed dating the actor who played Legolas in Katy Perry posted her first official photo with her new boyfriend on Instagram a day after amf AR’s 23rd annual Cinema Against AIDS Gala.It was so funny because I was kind of explaining Twitter to him and social media because he had taken a bit of a break on all that stuff.I had been explaining to him for a few weeks and all of a sudden he's the number-one trending on Twitter.The Grammy Award-winning singer attended the event together with Orlando Bloom, but they sat at separate tables.According to that the new couple was super lovey-dovey the whole night.

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