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The domestic steel companies had claimed that the increasing imports had resulted in deterioration of their sales, production, capacity utilisation, market share and returns on capital employed.November 14, 2011DGAD Final Difference between the landed value and the reference price of USD 91/metric ton Customs Final October 4, 2012Difference between the landed value and the reference price of USD 91/metric ton Respondent Nations: United States, European Union, China, Kenya, Pakistan, Iran, Ukraine While DGAD recommended termination of duties, a court case is ongoing.

The period of investigation covers October 2014 to December 2015 (15 months).In its preliminary findings, the DGAD had stated that imports of these steel products have drastically increased to 213,311 tonnes during the period of investigation (July- December 2015) from 60,771 tonnes in 2012-13.While DGAD recommends the duty to be levied, the finance ministry imposes it.According to a government statement, Mr Thao updated Mr Avalos on some of the areas where he believed the two countries could further strengthen their relationship, one of which was regarding the millions of Paraguay tourists that leave their homeland each year to travel overseas on vacation.While the Ambassador acknowledged that many residents of Paraguay are aware of Southeast Asia and Vietnam, he noted that many of them were not familiar with exactly where the country is located or what sightseeing options exist.

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