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Either way I hope you enjoy~═════════×ღ×════════════════════ You knew it was him. But it wasn't the him you used to know, that's for sure. "He no longer cares about your emotions, nor does he harbor love anymore." And it hurt. The worst part though was trying to go back to him was something you submersed your life in, he was all you wanted. Because the one time you finally managed to track him down and get a good look at him, he looked like a horrid version of the person he used to be. You wanted to bring him back home and never let him go, but you couldn't. You were careless enough to forget your own Quinque coming out here like this.

I have no shame so I figured - let's dive in with some of my fave loving assholes. When I started this quest almost 2 years ago I had no clue how to create a podcast, what to talk about and if I really had the stamina and content to talk about being alive, on my own.I also have on Mother Feather who talk about fulfilling adult duties while being in an active band, wardrobe malfunctions resulting in lip slips (not talking about the one's you kiss with BTW) and love for Lady Gaga. Make sure you register to vote and check your voting status! TT, GG, and their special guest Richard for Episode 23 as they discuss the MTV VMAs (where was JAY-Z at, anyway?Now that Taylor Kinney is on the market...might have to go for the gold there. Also have an amazing anti-Trump tune from Sebastian Kole who is equal parts musical talent and humor. Visit me on socials: THE GUESTS MAN, FIND EM: TT and GG sit down with the originator of the Amber Dashian game, Savoy to discuss plastic surgery, our hatred for Facetime-ing without appointments, keeping a gratitude journal, and why Trump is the bum boyfriend that never listens, and Hillary the reformed ain't sh%t dude you end up dating. ), the Colin Kaepernick situation, and if we will or will not support the "Birth of a Nation" movie.Chapter 113 Recap Manga Stream recently uploaded the latest chapter of "Tokyo Ghoul:re" and the chapter starts with Clown Nico showing his true power as he easily defeats a good number of CCG investigators.Matsuri Washuu joins in the fray to face Nico but he ends up fighting Uta after the latter faced off Suzuya.

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