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There are much more detailed information about how to access the previous version on this page called When you visit Livejasmin the first thing you will notice is that it seems more a site for adults than a regular cam site, but if you pay attention for more than a few seconds, you will see that all the photos are of girls cam and also that by putting the courses on static pictures in their profiles, they change to a video of the model live You can see exactly what you are doing in your live room without having to enter.Another interesting feature in Livejasmin is that as you're making "scroll" in the smaller page cam they appear, so the time taken to load the web is less to enter since it does so gradually while you browse. Initially, to facilitate that users were getting used to the new design, there was a button on the top to access the old version of Livejasmin.However, finally finished pulling it and the only way to access the old Livejasmin is the link that you provided above and is not public to all users.While most of the cam sites used the same formulas, usually a page with a block of pictures of webcam girls arranged in rows and columns, with a total of between 16 and 40 profiles per page.Live Jasmin does things very differently, has always been a pretty innovative chat portal and tries to differentiate themselves at all times competitors offering higher quality in all aspects, including the previous version of Livejasmin had many advantages over the of other videochats.

A crazy concoction of characters charged with spreading useful knowledge.In this way you can enjoy a clear crystal image and you can use the full screen option for a better video experience.Article The current appearance of Livejasmin is very different from many of the video chat thing on the Internet.Earlier in the new version of Live Jasmin included a button in the upper part of the portal to gain access to the old version, but they have finally finished it by removing.Steps to enter Livejasmin previous version without the system forward automatically to the new site: Once done this will arrive to the list of girls which you can select one of them to talk in private or in the free chat with the characteristics of the old version of Livejasmin that have some differences with the new.

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For some users it may be also an advantage over the old of Livejasmin version because it is a very visual design, i.e.

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