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But after meeting the Baby Fireman, I have been And of course, there's a lot to recommend firefighters. They go into their line of work knowing there's a chance they could lose their own lives while trying to save others. Plus, while they may be fire-resistant, they are also smokin' hot! FIREMAN (who prefers to remain anonymous): No matter where you live--here in New York, or in Mexico, or in Ireland, wherever you are--the best place to find them is simply outside of your local firehouse. MK: Uh oh--does that mean yo you guys cheat on your wives a lot? F.: We have that reputation, but I don't think firemen do it more than men in any other profession.

So, when I found out that there is going to be a FIREMAN CHARITY RAFFLE in Brooklyn Thursday night, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to infiltrate the ranks, posing as an innocent member of the press, and get the inside scoop on how to seduce firemen. When the weather's nice, they're often hanging around outside. I mean, when I go jogging, I often run past the fire house around the corner from me, and seeing all those big strong dudes standing around with their arms crossed--it can be intimidating! I mean, do you say "Excuse me, but might I be able to slide down your pole? F: I tell you what: If you have a nephew, bring him by the firehouse, and say, "This little guy loves the trucks--can he get a tour? F.: Well, we do like the idea of being the knights in shining armor. And if you fall, you better believe we'd be coming to get you.

Most of us were tired, and any flirting – touching, whispering, nicking each other’s blankets or accidentally squashing feet together – was being done with a half-hearted laziness.

A formality, because at sleepovers touching and flirting was just what we happened to do.

Dear lovelies: In the last few weeks, a number of my friends have had interesting grocery store encounters.

My buddy Valentine Cherry-Hill*, spotted a cute girl in the produce area of D.

I think it was New Year’s Eve: I can’t imagine we’d all have been together if it were any other night.

Probably some time between the end of the first term of uni and the beginning of the next one – during that delicious month where I was single, horny, and surrounded by others who were too. The booze had all disappeared a long time ago, and just in case Doritos and coffee hadn’t sobered us up, then the brief skinny-dip we tried to take in the sea certainly worked its magic.

My name is Jessy and I am one of the hottest and naughtiest fatties on Sex Cam Flirt. Just tell me some of your horniest desires and we will try to fulfill them together. My name is Sweet Elisa and I am fuckin hot and absolutely crazy teen brunette hottie that loves playing roleplaying games most of all in her life! Oh, I can tell for sure you wouldn't ever regret about great time we would spend together!

And there's nothing wrong with grabbing a second sample (Whole Foods promises!

) if you need an excuse to stick around for a while.

As with so many fetishes, it was born of my reaction to a single human being: a certain Baby Fireman who contacted me via the Internet personals a while back. MK: Are there any topics of conversation that firemen find especially interesting? Sure, it's true that we don't work the same kind of hours as some other people, but we also go to a lot of funerals, and visit a lot of guys we know in the hospital. But most firemen like to have fun, so they like women who can hold their own in conversation: who are capable of joking around, busting their chops, pushing back a little. MK: How about I send the bill to the Fire Commissioner, and we'll call it even? F: Also, firemen like women who know how to empathize--good listeners. Please let me know what happens if you everyone had good points about the cheating business.

Though he was A LOT younger than I am, I decided to go out with him because he looked so hot in his pictures (kind of like an anime hero), and I could tell from what he wrote that he was exceptionally smart and quite funny to boot. MK: Is there a certain type of female who is especially appealing to a fireman? If you're willing to have fun, that's more important than looks, to tell you the truth. We're supposed to be tough guys, and to pretend the stuff we do doesn't scare us. F.: I feel like I should give your readers fair warning: If you date a fireman, he's not going to want to stay home with you, watching a movie.

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Fancying someone implied you wanted to be with them: to date as well as to fuck. Brief encounters with him before had given me a taste for his thick cock, and the nervous, nerdy way he’d shy away from compliments about it.

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