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Pickup wiring can be difficult, but using the proper diagrams and schematics can make your project alot easier.

Your going to need some solder and a soldering gun typically to remove existing pickups and replace new ones.

Entrust and explore your senses with neurobiologist Leslie Vosshall and chemist Kent Kirshenbaum.

[on her ex-husband Charlie Sheen] I didn't go into this marriage with the idea of just trying it out.After a three-year hiatus, we were excited to head back to the FIGMENT NYC art festival on Governor’s Island for a free, participatory experience.We offered audience members the chance to compete in the Oobleck Olympics, plan a vacation to space with the Intergalactic Travel Bureau, experience love through touch and taste, focus light with strings, and try anatomical life drawing.So your art is your life is your art, and that works professionally. How do you keep the real you from blurring into the other real you?How do you let people see the professional you while also making sure they know there is another, less dramatic you who’s different from your autobiographical solo show?

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  1. Flanagan got addicted to the laughs of comedy when she was in Year 5 at a school musical production of Alice In Wonderland, where she received plenty of laughs dressed up as a bunny who pretended to fall asleep during the performance.