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Some aspects of this Android handset are great, but it is held back by some egregious missteps.

Here is Phone Scoop's in-depth report about Coolpad's not-so-cool Defiant.

This sleek handset boasts dual cameras, top specs, and a nearly unbreakable "Shatter Shield" screen.

New featured article: Motorola expanded its ecosystem of Moto Mods this year and none is quite as enticing as the 360 Cam.

Phones range in price from to , and every kind of basic phone is available, including candy bars, slider phones, flip phones, Black Berry-style QWERTY phones and even a touchscreen device – though it doesn't run an advanced operating system like Android. The largest bundle is 1500 minutes for 9, lowering the per-minute price to about 13 cents.

You can buy a booster for .99, which permanently doubles the minutes you buy, effectively halving their overall cost.

If you plan to use your phone extensively, you're much better off going with a cell phone provider that offers monthly deals with unlimited talk and text. It doesn't have smartphones or 4G data plans, so it won't suit you if you want to browse the web or stream media.

Its feature phone selection, however, is excellent. The smallest bundle is 60 minutes for .99, which comes out to about 33 cents per minute.

To make sure your kit is fully compatible with these upgrades when they roll out to your area, we recommend buying a kit that supports Verizon's LTE bands.And thanks to Trac Fone's patented, always-on display that shows you exactly how many minutes you have left in your account, it's easy to know when you're about to run out of airtime.Some of the phones Trac Fone offers have basic web browsing, and all have texting capability.SONY products repaired with us Mobiles, Laptops, Pads, Gadgets, Games and All.Our Gadget Repair Center possesses the Technical comprehension and Capability for any of your needs across Blackberry’s wide range of products.

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If you need a low-cost point of entry, the Canvas is a respectable option. New featured article: Portable Bluetooth speakers are often great summertime companions, and allow us to add a soundtrack to our warm weather adventures far and near.

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